Become an infarmer

We want to help solve one of the toughest sustainability challenges today: feeding the cities of tomorrow. If you see yourself reflected in our values and the size of the challenge ahead excites you, we’d like to meet you.

You appreciate diversity

Every day teams of infarmers from more than 40 countries around the world are working together to unlock the solutions to global problems. If you’re ready to bring the best of yourself, your expertise and your perspectives to this mix - we’ll create rich solutions, together.

You love to be challenged

Whether you’re an industrial engineer or a horticulturalist, a biologist or a marketer, you must be willing to look beyond what you already know to create something new. This is what drives every infarmer and should light a fire in you too.

You are passionate

At infarm we want to up-end industrial agriculture to reconnect people with the experience and flavor of fresh, sustainably-grown food, right in their neighborhoods. As infarmers this is our aim. As a society, this must be our future. If what we’ve shared sparks a passion in you to do the same, infarm might be the place for you.