press releaseJuly 12th 2022

//Partnership News// Agrifood Tech Companies Join Forces to Give Sector a Louder Voice

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Paris, France, July 12, 2022 – Agrifood tech startups Aleph Farms, Infarm, and Ynsect; and impact investors Astanor Ventures, FoodLabs, and VisVires New Protein, have joined forces to launch GATAlliance, a global membership-based business association to represent the sector.

There is no question anymore that our current food systems are outstripping our planetary boundaries and depleting the Earth's resources. Small changes will not suffice and it is imperative that we radically rethink how food is produced and consumed. Despite innovation being identified as critical to shaping the future food systems, the companies that are currently delivering innovation are not part of the global and international discussions on sustainability and food. The Global Agrifood Tech Alliance aims to give the agrifood tech sector a louder voice, draw attention to newly emerging technologies and innovations, collaborate with key stakeholders including governments and policymakers to increase their scale and impact, and help redefine how we produce and consume food.

Awareness: Unite global industry efforts and act as a global collective voice for the AgriFood Tech sector. Raise the overall profile (at policy, government, business, and consumer levels) and demonstrate the game-changing potential of the sector.
Impact: Standardize impact measurement frameworks and metrics for the sector. Support members to navigate ESG requirements in a consistent manner and collaborate with leading academic research institutions, and experts to monitor and assess the ways in which the sector is contributing to the future of food.
Nurture: Identify and track enabling conditions for the sector to grow (policy, public-private partnerships, etc). Promote the growth of the sector through networking and exchange opportunities and facilitate collaboration with key stakeholders (governments, policy, civil society actors, etc).

Impact Survey: The number of new climate action frameworks and initiatives is growing yet none is truly designed to support young agrifood tech companies and each has its own impact measurement methodology. The Global Agrifood Tech Alliance impact measurement survey aims to understand how agrifood tech firms are currently measuring their impact and which commitment frameworks they are adhering to.
Visibility: The Alliance was launched during the London Climate Action Week. We will be present in the fall of 2022 at major international gatherings including United Nations General Assembly Week, NY Climate Week, and COP27 to raise the visibility of the role of agrifood tech.

Erez Golanska, CEO and Founder at Infarm: “We, at Infarm, are delighted to be founding members of the Global Agrifood Tech Alliance. We believe in the power of collaboration: bringing outside-the-box innovation to create a new food system that will produce more food, better food, much more sustainably, and help heal the planet – because that’s the main issue on the table.”

"After accompanying dozens of impact entrepreneurs on their sustainability journey, we have seen firsthand how existing 'climate action' frameworks and initiatives fail to support young companies. The Global Agrifood Tech Alliance is built to meet these needs, to unite agrifood tech innovators, get their voices heard on and help them build a sustainable and nourishing food system." -Leslie Kapin, Director of Impact & Sustainability, Astanor Ventures

About the Global Agrifood Tech Alliance
The Global Agrifood Tech Alliance is a non-profit organization, established by agrifood tech companies and impact investors, representing the actors that are developing and delivering, today, the needed innovation in the agriculture and food sectors to sustainably nourish people without consuming the planet. Find the First Principles of the Global Agrifood Tech Alliance here.

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