infarm attracts top European plant researcher to lead effort to adapt staple crops for vertical farms


Berlin, Germany -- Infarm, the world's fastest growing urban farming network today announced the appointment of plant geneticist Pádraic Flood to lead the Infarm Crop Genetics Team.

Holding previous appointments as Research Scientist and Ph.D at Wageningen University and Research, one of the world’s top agricultural research institutions, as well as at the renowned Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research, Pádraic will lead Infarm’s continuous efforts to improve the quality, flavour, and freshness of infarm produce for sustainable,vertical farming.

In addition, Pádraic will drive the development of a dynamic breeding program to adapt grains, legumes and other staple crops for vertical farming. Infarm will use the insights from this program to help return the land currently devoted to these staples to nature and biodiversity, while striving towards a positive impact on both people and planet and a more sustainable agriculture.

About infarm

infarm was founded in Berlin in 2013 by Osnat Michaeli and the brothers Erez and Guy Galonska. Passionate to become self-sufficient and eat better, they were growing their own food, enjoying all the flavor and nutrients, without the chemical pesticides and transport kilometers. With the aim to share the goodness of self-grown produce with everyone, they developed a smart modular farming system that allows distribution of vertical farms throughout the urban environment, growing fresh produce in practically any available space and fulfilling practically any market demand. Today, with cutting edge R&D, patented technologies and a leading multi-disciplinary team, Infarm is growing a worldwide farming network helping cities become self-sufficient in their food production, while significantly improving the safety, quality, and environmental footprint of our food.

With a multinational team of more than 1,000 people globally, Infarm has partnered with more than 30 major food retailers, including Aldi Süd, Amazon Fresh, Auchan, Casino, E.Leclerc, Edeka, Empire Company Ltd (Safeway, Sobeys, ThriftyFoods), Farmdrop, Intermarché, Irma, Kaufland, Kinokuniya, Kroger, Marks & Spencer, Metro, Migros, Selfridges, Selgros, Summit and Whole Foods Market. The company is present in Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States and Switzerland and has deployed more than 1,300 farms in stores and Infarm Growing Centers, saved more than 60,000,000 liters of water and 60,000 square meters of land, while harvesting 1,000,000+ plants monthly and growing.


Pádraic Flood, Team Lead Crop Genetics at Infarm

Pádraic is a plant geneticist who leads Infarm’s continuous efforts to improve the quality, flavour, freshness of infarm produce for sustainable, vertical farming.

Prior to joining Infarm, Pádraic served as a research scientist at Wageningen University and Research, one of the world’s top agricultural research institutions, where he also completed his Ph.D. in Natural Genetic Variation in Plant Photosynthesis. Previously, Pádraic held an appointment at the Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research.

Over the past decade, Pádraic has worked in universities and knowledge institutes using genetics to understand a range of key scientific questions ranging from photosynthesis to how plants adapt to extreme environments. Witnessing first hand the global environmental catastrophe that is unfolding around us motivated Pádraic to look for ways to use his knowledge to create a more sustainable world.

Feeding the world without destroying the world is a challenge which requires immediate and sustained attention. In addition to breeding and improving crops currently cultivated by infarm, Pádraic is pursuing ways to make staple crops viable in vertical farming which, if successful, could free up vast areas of land for nature and biodiversity restoration.

Pádraic is passionate about science, plants, and food and has won the international science communication award FameLab for his efforts to share this passion. Pádraic resides in Wageningen, the Netherlands with his wife and two children.