Lemon Basil

Lemon Basil

With its fresh citrus fragrance & striking notes of anise, our zesty Lemon Basil shines in rice & raw vegan dishes.

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Lemon Basil has earned a prominent place in Thai, Laotian, Indonesian and Middle Eastern cuisine, where it is often used in curries and soups. We also like to use it as a garnish for baked fish or to add a subtle citrus twist to classics like vanilla ice cream, cookies and homemade tea.

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Cloud Farming
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We remotely control all Infarms through our cloud-based farming platform. It learns, adjusts and improves itself continuously, so each plant grows better than the last.

Each Infarm is a controlled ecosystem with the perfect amount of light, air & nutrients. An optimal set of conditions that enables our plants to express their natural tastiness to the fullest.

By keeping the roots on, our plants keep all of their flavour and goodness. 100% free of chemical pesticides, so you have the freshest and healthiest produce. Taste the difference.