Golden Frills Mustard

Golden Frills Mustard

With its potent mustard flavour & mild peppery finish, this cheeky Golden Frills Mustard loves to toy with your tastebuds.

Give it a whirl

This spicy aromatic green goes great in a salad and can hold its own against a range of vinaigrettes. The raw leaves are quite powerful, but upon cooking, a softer cabbage flavour begins to emerge. Delicious in an omelette or spring roll and pairs well with pork, grilled fish and creamy cheese flavours.

Vitamin B6

Summer, Spring Fig ‘capreze’

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Cloud Farming
Controlled Environment
Pure & Tasty

We remotely control all Infarms through our cloud-based farming platform. It learns, adjusts and improves itself continuously, so each plant grows better than the last.

Each Infarm is a controlled ecosystem with the perfect amount of light, air & nutrients. An optimal set of conditions that enables our plants to express their natural tastiness to the fullest.

By keeping the roots on, our plants keep all of their flavour and goodness. 100% free of chemical pesticides, so you have the freshest and healthiest produce. Taste the difference.