Super fresh, tasty, Infarm produce at your local Aldi Süd this May 2020

Starting this May, Aldi Süd shoppers will be able to buy super fresh, tasty Infarm herbs at their local Aldi Süd store.

Over the next few weeks, Infarm will begin to appear in stores in the Frankfurt & Düsseldorf region, reaching 12 locations. Infarm varieties that will be available include: Chives, Flat Parsley, Greek Basil, Italian Basil, Mint und Mountain Coriander.

An additional 300 ALDI SÜD locations will receive fresh Infarm produce from our regional distribution centres in a roll-out starting in the Fall.

Find them first in the following stores:

  • Industriestraße 1 B, 61449 Steinbach
  • Römerstraße 5–9, 63486 Bruchköbel
  • Mainzer Landstraße 18, 64569 Nauheim
  • An der Sausweide 1, 41542, Dormagen-Nievenheim
  • Ruhrstraße 40, 41469, Neuss

In the future-proof vertical farms, Infarm vegetables grow under the perfect conditions. All farms are connected to a central cloud-based farming platform that constantly learns, adapts and improves, so each plant grows better than its predecessor.

Infarm requires 99.5% less space than industrial farming and the growing process uses 95% less water and 90% less transport, setting a new standard in agriculture. Our Infarm team harvests the fresh herbs by hand in stores or nearby distribution centres, so it’s all locally grown, free of chemical pesticides and full of flavour.

Shopper Tip: Infarm herbs are sold with their roots still on to keep them fresher for even longer. Add 2 cm of water at home to keep them hydrated, or use them right away in your favourite recipe.