How our Project Managers are Expanding Access to Fresh, Nutritious Produce

At Infarm, we’re starting a revolution by creating a new way to feed our cities’ growing populations with our smart, modular farms. We have 1,000 farms in 10 countries, and we’re growing rapidly throughout North America. Leading the way are our project managers, who take ownership of multiple expansion projects as we bring Infarm to new locations and cities throughout the United States and Canada.

We sat down with Amy K., an expansion project manager in the U.S., and Molly B., Director of Accounts and former expansion project manager, to learn more about what led them to Infarm, what they’re working on, and their advice for people interested in joining the team.

Amy K., Expansion Project Manager, NYC

What led you to Infarm?

Amy: Gardening has always been a hobby of mine, but I don’t have a formal background in agriculture. I double majored in design and business, and our program had a big focus on sustainability and technology. I went on to work in luxury retail, where I built eCommerce and customer experience platforms and teams, and expanded businesses to new countries and cities for French designers. I had the opportunity to travel throughout Europe and saw a lot of innovation in urban agriculture that was fascinating to me. I wanted to bring together my love of gardening, my career in expansion, and my interest in technology, and that’s what led me to Infarm. It’s the perfect combination of agriculture and tech.

Molly: I started my career in the media industry, working on customer insights. I wasn’t super passionate about my work and decided to go to graduate school, where I studied city planning. I wanted to find a way to contribute to society, and do work that aligns with what I care about. When I found Infarm, it just clicked for me.

You’re both leading expansion projects in North America — can you tell us more about your day-to-day?

Amy: No two days are the same — and that’s what makes it interesting! Right now I’m leading our Toronto project, where I’m building Infarm’s business from the ground up there. Infarm is also launching projects in the Tri-state area, Halifax, Winnipeg, Calgary and Edmonton, and I’m responsible for building out our teams and locations for our hubs in each city. I also lead product development for the Americas, where I’m expanding Infarm’s product catalogue. Another part of that is working on sustainable packaging solutions, and I’m partnering with the Canadian Government to try to find a solution that will benefit the produce industry as a whole.

Molly: I manage the scope, timeline and budget for projects. Right now, I’m focused on our expansion into additional Kroger QFC stores in Washington, as well as into new Sobeys stores in Victoria, Canada. It’s inspiring to be helping serve an island with locally grown, fresh food.

Molly B., Director of Accounts, Infarm North America

At Infarm, we’re building a culture of impact. What else do you value about Infarm’s culture?

Molly: Everyone has a voice. Our leadership team believes in and values everyone’s expertise, no matter their role. We also have a very fun team. People believe in Infarm’s mission and work hard, but they like to make time for beach days and team barbecues (socially distanced, of course), too.

Amy: Everyone is incredibly collaborative and motivated, and committed to the same end goal. There’s also a very global mindset. Infarm is in 10 countries, and in North America many of our teammates are from different parts of the world as well.

What’s your favorite part of working at Infarm?

Molly: There are so many exciting opportunities to explore. Infarm’s modular farms can adapt to any space and meet any need, creating a possibility to be in places that otherwise wouldn’t have access to fresh produce. Whether it’s regions that don’t usually have a big growing season or tiny towns that are food deserts, there’s an opportunity to revive how they manage their local food systems.
Amy: My favorite part is how connected I feel to our mission. Every day, I get to come into work and do something I’m passionate about. And to add on to what Molly said, what we’re doing is so different from competitors. Rather than creating giant farming structures, Infarm’s farms can fit into any space — creating endless possibilities for increasing access to fresh produce.

As we grow in North America, we’re looking to add smart, talented people to our team. What advice would you give to people interested in a career with Infarm?

Amy: It’s important to remember that we’re a startup. You have to be resilient and have the ability to pivot quickly and adapt. We’re also looking for people who share the mindset that there’s no problem that’s too big to solve.
Molly: Don’t get hung up on your background and lack of experience in agriculture. If you’re excited about our mission and have a desire to learn, we want to hear from you. We look for people based on passion and potential, rather than strict expertise. And the opportunities are endless at Infarm.

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